What is a word study?

A word study is a method to study the bible through the analysis of each word in the bible. That includes the frequency of the word occurrence under study, the mood, its cognate and root. It is particularly useful to trace the key of a chapter or a book without being subjective. For example, The word ‘faith’ (#4102, πιστις) occurs 243 times in the NT, 32 times in the book of Hebrews. But out of 32 times in the book of Hebrews, 24 times occurs in Chapter 11. So, faith could be the key of Chapter 11 in the book of Hebrew. If we are to study about faith, Hebrew chapter 11 will be a good resource for readers to learn about faith.


What is a book study?

A book study is the study of a book in the bible. That includes an extensive analysis on all the words that occur in the book. Eagle’s View provides a platform of selection criteria to assist the user to conduct a detail book analysis (for the time being, only for NT books). Please click the word ‘methodology’ to link to the webpage for more detail explanation (Book Study explanation is under the section ‘Selection Criteria’ in the Methodology webpage).

What is the statistical approach in Bible studies?

Please refer to the Methodology webpage for detail explanation.


What products are available?

Right now, we have devoted most of our resources to develop a comprehensive bible study tool, that is, the Eagle’s View. Eventually, we aim to publish a collection of our findings based on the statistical results generated by the Eagle’s View.

What is the system requirement of Eagle’s View?

.net framework v3.5 or above must be installed before running Eagle’s View. Otherwise, Eagle’s View should be able to run smoothly in any modern Windows XP/ Vista operating systems based machines.

Is Eagle’s View compatible with Windows Vista operating systems?

Please refer to the Vista Issue webpage for detail explanation.

Is Eagle’s View compatible with Apple operating systems?

Eagle’s View is not compatible with Apple operating systems at this stage. It cannot run on the Apple operating system itself. However, it can still run on the Window XP platform under Apple.

Is Eagle’s View compatible with hand held devices?

Eagle’s View is not compatible with hand held devices at this stage. However, there are plans to develop a compact version of Eagle’s View for Window mobile devices in the future.

Why is Eagle’s View a freeware?

We are a group of devout believers whose sole desire is to share the Heart of God and to seek to do His will. God showed us that in the last days, there is famine in the word of God. There are many believers, but not many are rooted in the word of God. We seek the Lord’s guidance as to how to feed those who are hunger and thirst in the word of God. Then God gave us a vision to develop a bible study tool in a spreadsheet layout. So, we started to explore every avenue as to turn the vision into reality. Our main goal is to develop a bible study tool that every believer can use it to deepen their spiritual lives in the knowledge of the word of God. We all took sabbatical leave from our own professions in order to devote full time in developing this software. We spent countless hours to turn the vision into reality. It is hard to put a price tag on. We opt to lay up our treasures in heaven and make Eagle’s View a freeware so that more believers can benefit from this tool.

You can go to show your support webpage if you want to show your support to the continual development of our work.


How can one learn more about the features in Eagle’s View?

We have developed a series of tutorial videos that will assist users to learn Eagle’s View. Please refer to the Tutorial webpage for more details.

How do I make a contribution?

We deeply appreciate for your interest in our development. If you want to make a contribution, please click ‘Contribution’ and it will connect you to the webpage for making a contribution.